IELTS speakings:

  1. Describe someone or something that makes a lot of noise. v.1

    Describe someone or something that makes a lot of noise. You have to say: who or what makes noise, what noise looks like, why this thing or person makes noise, and explain how you feel about it. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    I’m not sure if the proximity to the main road has an advantage, but it certainly has a significant drawback, and this distance should regularly eliminate noise - a lot of noise. So, I assume that I will go today and talk about the noise of traffic on the road near the place where I live.

    In any case, I believe that in the modern world there are not so many people who do not know about the noise of traffic, especially if they live in cities. And we all know how busy city roads and streets can become: hundreds of cars go along them every minute and make unbearable sounds. These noises are mainly generated from the adhesion of road surfaces with tires, loud engine / transmission sounds, aerodynamic noise (noises resulting from air flow and vibration), sound signals and braking elements. However, of all the noise, noise from rolling tires from large vehicles such as buses and trucks moving on rough asphalt is found to be the main cause of vehicle noise, which increases with increasing vehicle speed.

    These traffic noises are bad and harmful enough to cause sleep problems, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, hormonal effects, stress, and an increased risk of heart disease. In any case, the noise of transport is usually unpleasant and uncomfortable, as they distract us and confuse us. But, no matter how unpleasant and uncomfortable the road noises actually are, we cannot really get rid of them of our own free will, because this is the very sound of the movement energy created by the fuel and engine, without which no vehicles will work on the road.

    In any case, I have a lot of negative feelings about this traffic noise, but the most disappointing because of this traffic noise is that I feel very helpless against it, simply because I feel that this traffic noise is inevitable and a fact of life that we we will have to live while we live in the city. Even more disappointing for me is the fact that we all more or less know that this traffic noise affects our health, but, nevertheless, we do almost nothing with it.

  2. Describe a decision made by someone you know that changed his/her life. v.1

    Describe a decision made by someone you know that changed his / her life. You must say: who this person was / what decision he / she made, whether it was a good decision, and explain how this changed the life of this person. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    We must make many decisions almost constantly in order to adapt to the changing circumstances of our lives. Needless to say, not all of these decisions change our life the way we expect. But today I would like to talk about a decision made by one of my friends that changed his life, as expected.

    The person I am talking about was none other than one of my cousins. To describe my cousin, the first thing I have to tell about him is that I knew him a very restless person. In other words, he always changed his mind. For example, if he once liked a certain shirt, he would not want it the next day. Thus, my uncle and aunt (my cousin's parents) were a little worried about his mind-altering habit, because they thought that this habit would affect his future life and career.

    But somewhere deep down I knew that my cousin was smart enough to make the right decisions at the right time, when it really mattered, and my cousin proved that he was right when he decided to move to more Big City. and stuck to it. Yes, moving to a larger city changed the rules of the game and was a good decision for my cousin, because it was there that he managed to meet with a group of brave entrepreneurs. He met a certain group of entrepreneurs engaged in various types of export-import business. Since my cousin started doing business with them with his rather limited capital, he soon began to make big profits. In fact, he became a millionaire for several years.

    In any case, moving to a larger city will change the life of my cousin, because he finally found what he liked, and he loved making money. In addition, the decision also made him a more thoughtful and responsible person, who was not in his life when he lived with his parents in a small town. In general, I am happy that my cousin made this decision, which changed my whole life.

  3. Describe a crowded place that you have visited. v.1

    Describe the crowded place you visited. You must say: where was it, when did you visit this place, why did you visit it, and explain how you felt about visiting this crowded place. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    I try not to visit crowded public places unless I have an important reason for this, mainly because I really don't like noise. But, apparently, some of my close friends really didn't care what I liked or didn't like when they took me to a live music concert a few years ago.

    Now, please do not think that I do not like music or a musical concert, because I rarely miss the chance to see a musical concert on TV. In addition, I also watch various types of music concert videos using resources on the Internet. But some of my good friends thought it was time to change themselves and attend a live music concert instead of just watching them on TV and the Internet.

    In any case, initially I thought that somehow I could get around the request of my friends in this case, as in the previous cases, but they seemed really insistent in this case. In fact, in order to motivate me to date them, they even agreed on money to buy me a concert ticket instead of making me pay for it. In addition, they also told me that they will play my favorite music at all times. Therefore, I had no choice but to go with them and enjoy the concert for the sake of friendship.

    By the way, it was an open-air concert in a large stadium where thousands of music lovers could accommodate, and I felt lost in the ocean of the crowd after arriving there.

    In any case, after attending this crowded musical concert, at first I felt happy, because the music there was really good. But as more and more time passed and more and more fans came to the concert, I could hardly listen to music more because of the deafening sounds of the choral music of the fans. In addition, I was a little tired after keeping my legs for a long time, since there was almost no room for sitting.

  4. Describe an experience you had as a member of a team. v.1

    Describe the experience you had as a member of the team. You must say: what kind of team it is, who were its members, what role you played in this team, and explain how membership in this team / was useful to you. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    I always considered myself a good team player and learned this by playing different roles in different teams in the past. Today I would like to share my experience as a member of the team of one of these teams.

    In any case, I had such an experience as a team member when I attended my high school and when I was a member of my school debate team. By the way, besides me, 3 other members of my high school were included in this discussion group. Despite the fact that we were not at the same age, we managed to establish good mutual understanding among ourselves, since we all knew about our roles and responsibilities in the team. In addition, we all knew our strengths and weaknesses in our individual contributions to the debate.

    In any case, the captain of the debate group instructed me mainly to record the critical and important points discussed by the opposition debate group in order to refute their argument. In addition, I was also instructed to take stock of my team by listing the various important points of all members of my team, including my points, as well as the points of my captain. Finally, I was also responsible for helping the captain of my team figure out the bad or conflicting facts of the opposition debate team so that he could sequentially streamline the facts of our team to support the topic of our debate.

    In any case, the fact that I am a team of this discussion group helped me a lot in my professional life, making me feel calm and confident in adverse conditions. In addition, it also helped me learn to separate facts from fiction without bias. Needless to say, membership in the discussion group also helped to become a fairly confident speaker. Finally, becoming a member of a discussion group in the past also taught me how to properly coordinate my actions with each other in a team environment without imposing my views on other team members.

  5. Describe a person who has apologized to you. v.1

    Describe the person who apologized to you. You must say: when it was who this person was, why this person apologized to you and explain how you feel about it. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    People are wrong. But the burden of such mistakes does not affect the erroneous people too much if they sincerely apologize to the victims. Today I would like to talk about one of those sincere people who apologized to me a few months ago.

    He was the cashier of a supermarket — a supermarket that I visited quite often the last couple of years or so. But the cashier I'm talking about was a newbie since I first saw him on that busy day when I bought a lot of products. In fact, this new cashier checked me in that day. However, interestingly, when I made the payment to the cashier, I felt that I paid a little more than I usually used to pay about the same amount of goods in previous cases. But I preferred to remain silent, thinking that perhaps I had bought some additional goods, or the prices of some food products had changed. So, I just took my product and left the store.

    But when I got home, I became too curious and checked the prices of my grocery products. Suddenly, I noticed that one of the goods was revalued according to the receipt that the cashier gave me before leaving his store. Fortunately, the supermarket was not far from my house. So, the next day I returned to the cashier in a relaxed mood and told him about the wrong price, he charged me one of my grocery products. Upon learning his mistake, he immediately very sincerely apologized to me, saying that he had just started his new work that day.

    In any case, to be honest, I did not expect him to apologize to me, because for me it was not so important. In addition, I knew very well that such errors could occur, especially with a person who was new to his work. However, I was glad that he really apologized to me.

  6. Describe an important journey that was delayed. v.1

    Describe the important journey that has been delayed. You must say: where were you going, why was the trip important, what caused the delay, and explain how you felt about the delay. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    We must go to different places because we have many needs in our lives. Of course, not all of these trips and trips require planning ahead of time. Rather, these are the only important trips that require planning in advance, and today I would like to talk about one such important trip, which was postponed even after a fairly proper planning.

    The journey I wanted to take was to attend the graduation ceremony of one of my nephews several years ago. By the way, my nephew and I have a very close relationship. In fact, it was on my advice that my nephew decided to study engineering, and he told me that his graduation ceremony would remain incomplete if I did not attend his graduation ceremony. Therefore, attending this graduation ceremony was of great emotional importance to me. In addition, I also did not want to miss this time in my life my nephew.

    So, I made all the plans in advance regarding what type of transport I will use, and when I will need to arrive at my destination. But, despite these plans in advance, I was not able to accurately arrive at my destination on time due to events that were not under my control. In fact, the trip was delayed because I was unable to take a taxi on time. And the reason I couldn't catch a taxi on time was because I needed to see one of my close friends in the hospital who was injured in a terrible accident that very day. Fortunately, my friend survived the accident, but my trip was delayed.

    Needless to say, I felt a little disappointed after my trip was delayed. But, although it was postponed, I felt some relief, knowing that the delay occurred for a good reason. I also felt that my nephew would not mind this slight delay for the same reason. In addition, I was sure that I could attend at least the graduation ceremony if I tried to arrive at my destination using several other routes.

  7. Describe a time when you were excited. v.1

    Describe the time when you were excited. You must say: when you were where you were, and explain why you were so excited. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    Many things happen in our lives that make us happy and excited. One way or another, today I would like to talk about one of those many things that excited me very much, and that was when I got my first job about 10 years ago.

    Then I just graduated from university and returned to my hometown to live with my parents until I found a job. Of course, my parents were not in a hurry, like me, with regard to finding a job, since they rather wanted me to stay with them and start some kind of business instead of finding a job. But I wanted to get a job in a big city and leave my little old city.

    So, I began to apply for work, one after another, but I soon realized that getting a decent job is not entirely easy. But I did not want to part with my job search mission. So, over the next 8/9 months, all I did was look for new jobs everywhere and applied for them. Then one day they called me for an interview at one of the prestigious accounting firms in my country, and that was also from a city that was not too far from me. Then came a turning point, when one day they called me for an interview at one of the famous accounting firms in my country, and I was offered a job on the spot.

    It was one of the most exciting moments in my life, but, unfortunately, then I had no one to share this excitement with.

    Anyway, I was so excited because it opened up many opportunities that were ahead of my life. I was also excited because it would allow me to move out of my small town and explore the world a little on my own. Finally, it goes without saying that the prospect of making a lot of money in the future was also what worried me after getting my first job.

  8. Describe an important piece of news that you received via text message. v.1

    Describe the important news you received via text message. You must say: who shared a message with you about how the news was written, and explain why this news was important to you. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    I have never been a big fan of reading text messages on my mobile phone, mainly because more than 99% of the text messages are delivered to at least my mobile phone for advertising purposes. But today I would like to talk about an important text message that I received a couple of years ago when I was away from home.

    As I just mentioned above, when I received the message, I was far from my home, enjoying a vacation in another city. So at least I did not expect any messages from my work. In fact, I did not expect any messages from anyone, whether they are important or not. But when I received a message from my boss - I mean my managing director - I was not very happy about this, to say the least. But in the end, it was a message from my boss, and I just could not ignore him, no matter how much I did not like it.

    So, I decided to read the post. But after reading it, I could not make the most of the message, because all that he said was "a surprise awaits you. " So, I decided to call my boss and asked for clarification about the text message. In response, my boss on the other end seemed very happy and told me that I was being transferred to another department after promotion.

    At first, when I heard this news, I thought that my boss was joking with me, because from time to time he used to mock his subordinates, but then he made it clear that he would not joke.

    In any case, the message was very important to me, because the promotion was long ago. In fact, I even thought about leaving the company if I did not get a promotion after really hard work in the same company for more than 6 years. In addition, the message was important to me also because it showed that my boss really cared about the future of my career, transferring me to the department where I always wanted to be.

  9. Describe a person in the news whom you want to meet. v.1

    Newsletter describe the person you want to meet. You have to say: who is this person, why did this person show on TV how did you find out about this person, and explain why you want to meet him. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    Life is busy. So I don’t often manage to devote time to watching TV. But, fortunately, one evening, after returning from work, I took the time to watch one of my favorite television programs, which broadcast an interview with one of the successful business magnets in my country. And I really want to meet this person in person and spend some time with him.

    This successful business magnet that appeared on TV that night is a little different from most others because it seemed to me too young to be such a successful businessman. But, as the interview continued to roll, a lot of information about him began to come to light. Of course, I already knew a little about this person, reading some business magazines and newspapers, but the interview opened my eyes, because it proved how a person with such a modest past can reach the pinnacle of financial success in such a situation. short period of time.

    In fact, the man had almost nothing when he started his fruit business on a street corner about 12 years ago, when he was only about 22 years old. Today, with more than 150 hectares of various orchards and one of the largest juice companies under its own name, the 34-year-old master of business has established himself as one of the most promising young businessmen of the whole continent. So, how exactly did he manage to become such a successful entrepreneur at such a young age? Well, the answer, he said, is that he always dreamed big, even if his family was one of the poorest in the city.

    Needless to say, I always wanted to meet him for as long as I knew him on television and from the newspapers. And I also wanted to spend some time with him right after the end of watching his interview, and I wanted to meet with him not because of his enviable financial success, but because of his positive attitude. I would like to meet him also, because I want to ask him about how, perhaps, a person of such modest origin, without financial support and formal education, could dream of such big ones at such an early age and, finally, prove that he had reached their.

  10. Describe a present or gift someone gave you that you really liked. v.1

    Describe the gift or gift that you were presented with that you really liked. You have to say: what was this gift / present that gave you why you were given it, and explain why you liked it so much. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    I love to receive gifts. And who is not. In addition, the exchange of gifts among themselves is a great tradition in my part of the world, is there a reason for this or not. In any case, I was lucky to receive some gifts in my life, but today I would like to talk about a gift that I liked a little more than others.

    The present I received was a T-shirt - a polo shirt when I was at university. Now everyone in my family knew how much I love wearing T-shirts. In fact, the perfect T-shirt, made of cotton and blue jeans, was my main dress, whether I was going to meet with my boss in his office for an official meeting or enjoy football at the stadium with friends.

    However, despite the fact that no one had anything against my habit of wearing a T-shirt, my younger uncle did not like it very much. Of course, I understood very well why he didn’t like it when I wear a 24/7 T-shirt, and this was because he thought that only minors would like to wear a T-shirt and jeans. But on my 21st birthday I was expecting a big surprise when I found out that a beautiful burgundy T-shirt made by the world famous company Polo was presented to me by none other than my younger ones. uncle! In addition, I felt that my uncle really read my mind, because, in fact, for a long time I was looking for such a beautiful T-shirt of the same color. Honestly, this gift was like a dream to me!

    Well, I really liked the gift because it has the perfect color. In addition, it was made from 100% cotton of good quality, so it was very comfortable to wear. Finally, the gift was so special for me because it was given to me by a man who always underestimated my preference for clothes, especially my preference for wearing a T-shirt.

  11. Describe a time when you received some positive feedback. v.1

    Describe the time you received positive feedback. You have to say: when it was what was connected with the feedback, who gave you the feedback, and explain how you felt about it. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    I was fortunate to receive many positive reviews in many cases, although I must admit, I do not think that they were all deserved. In fact, I feel that many of these positive reviews have been thrown at me, just to be nice to me. But I can recall at least one review that I received about 7 years ago, as a university student, like a real one.

    To tell a story when I was a university student, I usually conducted home classes for high school students, teaching mainly subjects of general science, including physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. By the way, I liked doing this home tutoring, because it allowed me to stay in the mood to study, since I also studied natural science as a university student. In addition, it also helped me a bit with my pocket money.

    In any case, although all my students who took homework from me were smart enough and talented, at least one of them was a little weak in understanding scientific disciplines, especially mathematics. So I decided to inform his parents about his weakness, and also asked the student to spend extra time with me every week to get the right math lessons. Needless to say, his parents agreed, and I began my mission to help him understand mathematics as best as possible.

    If I remember correctly, I only gave him home lessons for about 3 months, but his improvement and performance were overwhelming, which showed up at his next final exam. In fact, in his next math test, he got a score of 80%, while his average score was only around 45 in previous years. Seeing such a huge improvement as a result of their son, the parents of this student gave me very good feedback.

    In any case, after receiving this huge gratitude, I felt really good and proud of my achievements. In fact, I took this as a challenge. In addition, in this way, I also achieved a higher level of confidence in my own research and professional goals. All in all, it was a great experience.

  12. Describe a time when you went to an event and arrived early. v.1

    Describe the time when you went to the event and arrived early. You have to say: what was this event, why did you arrive early and say what you felt when you arrived early. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    Some members of my family tell me that I was born late. No seriously! I mean, my birth was delayed due to some health complications of my dear mother. I think that perhaps the reason is that I am late in most cases, despite all my efforts and intentions. But today I would like to talk about the time when I really managed to arrive early, overcoming all the difficulties and difficulties.

    To tell the story, I will never forget the day when my dear older brother celebrated his 12th wedding anniversary in his house, about a hundred kilometers from my hometown, because at that very moment I really managed to arrive at the Event early - a lot early.

    By the way, although my brother is much older than me, special and friendly relations have always developed between us. Therefore, he previously threatened me that if I arrive on his 12th wedding anniversary again late, he will simply collect me in his bag and throw me into a spaceship defying gravity so that I can finally gain “speed” in my life, Of course It was a joke from my older brother, but I probably felt his disappointment also a little, because in all the previous cases, whether he celebrated his birthdays or wedding anniversaries, I was always the last one to come.

    I'm not too sure that the older brother would really appreciate such callous behavior from such a younger brother as I, whom he (the older brother) loves so much. So, around this time I took on the task of arriving early just to make my older brother happy.

    In any case, after an early arrival, I felt that I had finally come of age and became a responsible person in order to respect the wishes of my loved ones. I also began to imagine how my older brother would actually react when I saw that I arrived so early. All in all, it was a feeling worth a million dollars.

  13. Describe an occasion when you had to wait a long time for someone or something to arrive. v.1

    Describe the case when you had to wait a long time for someone or something to come. You must say: whom or what were you waiting for, how long did you have to wait, why did you have to wait long, and explain how you felt while waiting for such a long time. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    People say that patience is a great virtue, so I try to be patient as often as I can, even when I have no reason or incentive to wait. But, be that as it may, the expectation of something or someone is the reality of life, and we must wait, no matter how much we do not like it, just as I did not like when one of my colleagues The job kept me waiting for a long period of time without good reason.

    This was a few months ago when it happened at my work. In any case, it was Friday, so I was naturally a little excited to leave my office as soon as possible and enjoy the weekend. But suddenly one of my colleagues rushed in front of me an hour before the closure of our office and asked me to lend him my bike. He told me that he needed to leave for some urgent reasons, and that he would also be back just in time, before the office closed. So, I just gave my colleague the key in good faith to my colleague, of course, only to find out that he simply can’t correctly evaluate my honesty.

    In fact, instead of appearing in an hour, he really appeared in a few hours. In any case, I tried to remain calm when he returned and asked me what really made him linger for such a long time. In response, he said that he went to visit a friend in the hospital, and he just got stuck there. He also politely apologized for the delay.

    In any case, after such a long wait, I naturally felt a little disappointed and even annoyed by the irresponsible deed of my employee, especially at the time when I planned to leave my office as soon as possible. However, when I found out that he went to visit his friend in the hospital, I felt that I had lost several hours of my life for a good cause, and this should have helped someone in times of crisis.

  14. Describe a person you recently met again after a long time. v.1

    Describe the person you recently met again after a long time. You must say: who was this person, where did you meet him / her, why / how did you meet him / her again, and explain if you want to get to know this person better. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    Life is like a big trip where we meet different people at different times and under different circumstances. Sometimes we remember some of them, while we forget about many others. I believe that forgetting about people whom we do not often see is just human nature, just like I forgot about the young banker whom I met a long time ago.

    But just recently, I again met this young banker at a local mall when I went there to buy some ordinary household items. Interestingly, it was not me who first recognized him, but a young banker (not so young) who called me with my name from behind. I looked back, but at first I had no idea who this person really could be. So I just continued to look at him until he came up and introduced me as a young banker whom I met about 8 years ago in a bank in another city.

    Slowly but surely, my memories began to return to me when he reminded me of how I had forgotten to take my bank checkbook and left the city. It was then that I distinctly recalled how that young banker called me from his bank at that time and informed me of my lost checkbook. Later, this kind banker really did his best to send me my lost checkbook in the courier service.

    In any case, after such a long acquaintance with him at the shopping center, I felt that he again deserves special thanks for his sincere efforts to return my bank checkbook to me.

    In any case, after meeting with a young banker, I learned a very important lesson, which is that we must always remember the good deeds of people, if not of the people themselves. I didn’t care to remember the banker, but the banker took care to remember me, which proves that he is really a good, responsible and caring person. And if we do not want to get acquainted with a good, responsible and caring person, then who are we! ?

  15. Describe a time when you were in a public place and you overheard a stranger talking on the phone. v.1

    Describe the time when you were in a public place and heard a stranger talking on the phone. You have to say: where did this happen, when what the person was talking about happened, and explain how you felt when you heard the conversation. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    I always try my best not to hear a single conversation, be it a stranger or people, I know. In fact, I believe that such actions are usually characteristic of a curious person, and I set a standard for myself so that I would never be curious. But, unfortunately, adhering to this standard can be difficult when you are in a public place and when strangers talk about different things, as I could not do this several times.

    In any case, I did not try to eavesdrop on the conversation of this stranger when I was sitting at a food court in a shopping center and enjoying some of the delicacies a few months ago. Rather, I felt that the stranger, talking on his smartphone, was actually trying to attract the attention of other people around him, boasting about how he had deceived one of his work colleagues to cover him up at work, inventing several fabricated stories. (I could call them simply “lies” in plain English).

    The conversation lasted almost 15 minutes, which gave the person on the other end full information about how the stranger planned to use his “vacation” to search for real estate in another city instead of seeing his “imaginary” uncle seriously ill. At some point in his conversation, I even wanted to move away from the stranger after he gave him some clues about how the people around him actually listened to his conversation, but I refused and just wanted to finish the meal as soon as possible to leave this place

    In any case, I felt a little awkward and at the same time embarrassed, because I heard a conversation that was rather unpleasant by my standards. I also felt that we all had some kinds of secrets, and we all should try to keep them as such, trying not to talk about them in any public places, because our secrets can always be used against us.

  16. Describe a software that you often use. v.1

    Describe the software you use frequently. You must say: what it is, what you use it for, what advantages it brings to you, and explain why it is important software for you. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer 1:

    I think that today it is really very difficult to imagine life without any access to a computer, because it allows us to use so many different types of software and tools to make our life easier. Of course, different people use different types of software and applications, depending on their level of skills and needs, for different purposes, but when it comes to a person like me with fairly limited computer skills, Microsoft Office is my savior.

    Of course, there is no need to introduce Microsoft Office, but just to clarify the situation, this is a set of convenient tools, first developed by Bill Gates on August 1, 1988 for use in business. and office work.

    But I did not find out about this software and did not start using it until the beginning of 2005, when I went to school. Since then I have played with this software and used its applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, at every opportunity. Today, as the office manager of a prestigious company in my country, I use Word to create all kinds of documents to communicate with colleagues and bosses.

    However, this particular application called “Microsoft word” becomes very convenient when I prepare a periodic report for my bosses along with Excel charts to show the progress in the production of our chocolate cake factory and the productivity of our employees. Sometimes I also use PowerPoint to make some presentation for my colleagues to show the overall progress of our work and efforts to motivate my employees.

    In any case, this software is really important for me, because it provides me peace of mind, because I know that I can quickly and easily take care of all the work of my office. In addition, the best thing about this software is that I can use it at home to take care of important office documents and reports when I'm too busy to go to the office.

  17. Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you never knew before. v.1

    Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you have never known before. You must say: who was the person, what type of conversation did you have, how did you meet this person and how did the conversation begin, and explain how you felt about this conversation with a stranger. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer 1:

    I am not a very sociable person or a “social bug” who likes to chat with strangers or meet everyone around, not to mention talking with them. But once I was talking with a complete stranger, at a time when I least expected this.

    I met him at a local airport in my country when we both traveled to one of the major cities of my country about a year ago. We both waited in the departure lounge, sitting next to each other to board our flight. Suddenly, a gentleman, probably at his age of about 40, asked me to look after his luggage and things so that he could go and get some fresh coffee in one of the coffee shops at the airport. I reluctantly agreed to his request, but I did not forget to ask him to politely return as soon as possible, to be present at his luggage and things, because I did not really want to take responsibility for other people's things, not to mention a complete stranger.

    The gentleman quickly returned with two cups of coffee instead of one. He offered me one, and again, I reluctantly accepted it. It was at that moment that he introduced himself to me as a very successful businessman. In any case, after that short introduction, I told him that he should not have left his things to a complete stranger like me. In response, he simply told me that he had become a successful and happy person, both in personal and professional life, mainly because he had learned to trust others. Needless to say, after hearing such a positive response, I felt really embarrassed because of my mistreatment before.

    In any case, after talking with a stranger, I felt that I needed to become a broader look at others in order to learn more about valuable life lessons. In addition, I also realized that we all need to trust someone at some point in our lives if we really want to become happy and successful in life.

  18. Describe an experience when you were disappointed. v.1

    Describe the experience when you were disappointed. You must say: when exactly did this happen, why did it disappoint you, and explain how you felt about it. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer 1:

    I am not one of those people who are easily disappointed with something. But I believe that it’s perfectly normal to be disappointed from time to time when there is a huge difference between what a person expects and what they offer him, as happened to me a couple of years ago.

    This was in 2017, when the capital of my country organized an international trade fair, like every second year. In fact, this tradition of organizing an international trade fair is a common feature of many other international events in my country over the last 25 years or so, except, of course, that I never wanted to attend it. However, I decided to visit the exhibition a couple of years ago, because several of my friends told me that several top-rated brands and prestigious companies from around the world would participate in the fair.

    The fair body even announced that if we spend a certain amount of money on the purchase of any products from the exhibition, companies will offer discounts of up to 50% on all their products. Therefore, having heard these favorable offers and interesting news, I finally decided to go to the exhibition with my friends. But when I really arrived there, I could easily find that mostly “very mediocre” products and goods were sold at this fair. I even felt that these "popular and prestigious" companies from different countries visited the fair to sell us only those products that they could not sell in their countries. In addition, the prices of most products there were very high. So, really, it was a really disappointing experience.

    In any case, after visiting the fair, I felt that it was a waste of time, because I could not find the product that I liked at a reasonable price. In addition, I also felt that the power at the fair had tricked us by advertising false promises to attract more and more customers to the fair.

  19. Describe a crowded place you have been to. v.1

    Describe the crowded place where you were. You must say: where is the place (or was), when did you go there, with whom did you go there, and explain how you felt about this crowded place. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ]

  20. Describe something important you have learned recently. v.1

    Describe something important that you learned recently. You must say: what did you learn, where did you learn how important the lesson was, and explain how it affects your mind. [You will have to talk about this for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can take some notes to help you if you want. ] Model Answer:

    We, as people, constantly study, and this knowledge and our life experience determine who we become or want to become. Most recently, I learned about what is called “minimalism” from a documentary on television, and it was interesting and thought-provoking. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about this.

    “Minimalism” does not mean to become a hermit in the jungle or to give everything we have. Rather, it is a concept that allows us to focus on more important aspects of life, breaking the chain of receiving and receiving more and more. According to statistics, we live in a rich era of abundance and prosperity, and yet we are slaves to our desire for material gain and success, which seems unattainable due to our changing goals and social pressure. We live a life defined by capitalism and the corporate world, and we have little time to focus on what is really important in our lives, such as our family and friends, neighbors, relationships, peace and happiness. Thus, “minimalism” tells us to get rid of things that we don’t need, such as three smartphones, 30 pairs of shoes and a wardrobe full of designer clothes, and focus on what makes us happy.

    I learned about this from a television documentary I watched a few weeks ago, and it was a top class production. The way it was presented, the speakers who talked about it, and how it was done, are simply outstanding. These were not just regular TV shows or films, which we often forget about right after watching. It was deep, and it covered unpopular topics that people usually tend to avoid thinking about.

    The impact of this concept on me is enormous. I don’t feel bad anymore because I don’t have the last car or I don’t earn a six-figure salary. I was thinking about the messages that this documentary tried to give us, and it was amazing. I began to concentrate on being happier and spending time with people who care about me and people who care about me, instead of feeling bad about what I don’t have. Minimalism teaches you to be happier at a lower cost, because quality is always more important than quantity.