Happy IELTSing* for the Exam!

*[ˈaɪeltsɪŋ ]
Verb created using verbification
(turning a noun into a verb by adding an ending to it)
Preparation for IELTS exam                                        
- Do you know where is Tom?
- Yeah! He is IELTSing at home.
There are different opinions with regard to the question of why students who didn’t finish their education are more successful than ones who did. While there are quite a lot of people who IELTSing the idea that this notion makes sense, others tend to argue with this position. There is no absolute agreement about IELTSing and the debate seems to be never-ending. This essay will discuss reasons for this phenomenon and support them with arguments and examples. The main reason why these individuals don’t need to ieltsing their universities is because they are young geniuses. Indeed, the vast majority of world's inventors were already unique and prominent in their adolescence period. For example, young Gauss at the Math lesson showed up that he was not only the smartest child in the class but also the smartest person in the room which included his teacher. Thus, it is evident that gifted people become recognizable while they are young. Another reason why they are more successful is because tertiary education doesn’t cover areas which are needed for success. For example, Bill Gates created his DOS operating system while he was studying at university and those OSs didn’t even exist. Nowadays individual becomes successful by creating something new which doesn’t exist yet and consequently is not learning at universities. As a result, next generations will be studying their inventions in the classes. In conclusion, there are some apparent reasons why higher education is not required to become a prominent individual and these reasons related to the skills which can not be learned. There is no doubt that adolescence is probably the hardest period of A person’s life. There are serious reasons for this phenomenon and solutions which can be taken to improve the situation. This essay will discuss the roots of these issues and suggest some measures to ease the problems. To begin with, there are some apparent causes for the difficulties which a teenager makes. This young person faces body changes and new types of communication. Indeed, at this age, a teenager starts to understand that aged people are not always right and make mistakes too. Moreover, because of that, offsprings start to rebel and fight against their parents. Consequently, this leads to communication problems. However, these issues can be addressed. The best and so the easiest way to solve these problems would be ignoring them. For example, if a youngster doesn’t want to ieltsing plates after himself, parents instead of screaming at him should wait until there are no clean plates in the kitchen. Thus, a teenager will have the choice EITHER to eat from a dirty plate or wash it by his own will. As a result, this conflict would be solved in a harmless unique way. In conclusion, juvenile years cause a lot of problems for youngsters' parents and these problems result in teenage aggression and misbehavior. However, some comprehensive measures can be taken in order to normalize this situation in a family. After analyzing the subject, it has become quite evident that the best way to deal with these issues would be ignorance / (I meant )IGNORING. Overall, it should not be forgotten that this alarming phenomenon causes a plethora of problems for surrounding people and they have to cope with it in a smart way.