IELTS essays:

  1. Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. v.1

    Over the past century, our cities have experienced an unprecedented increase in traffic jams, and as a result of this we have encountered a number of environmental pollution. Some experts believe that increasing gas prices is the best way to solve these problems. I firmly believe that there is good reason for this argument. This essay will discuss some other possible solutions.

    Proponents of this view argue that recent studies have shown that the use of this energy has declined sharply due to an increase in gas prices. As a result, the demand for gasoline fell sharply. The key point to justify such a position can be illustrated by a specific example. Our country "Iran" has a high reputation due to the availability of oil resources. Consequently, the price of gasoline was unjustified compared to another country. In short, after applying this idea in cities, the facts showed that most people turn to some alternatives instead of using a personal car. For example, by the time it went on, rising gas prices had led most people to use much more public transport than in the past.

    In addition, there are other possible solutions to solve this problem. First of all, governments should pay special attention to renewable energy such as water, wind, solar energy, etc. In addition, they should encourage people to use public transport such as electric tram, metro, bus, etc. And last but not least, we must recognize that we need a cultural restoration of a true understanding of the energy crisis on our planet.

    In conclusion, from what was discussed above, an increase in the price of gasoline can be an effective factor in reducing the consumption of this energy, at least in my country. Government and private individuals must take serious steps to address these issues. In addition, the government should take responsibility, stop missing the majority and establish existing laws to control this problem. Finally, it is absolutely essential that we do not try to be wise after the events.

  2. Fatherhood ought to be emphasized as much as motherhood. The idea that women are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to have babies leads on to the idea that they are also responsible for bringing the children up. To what extent do you agree or disagree? v.1

    According to some people, the role of the father in raising a child is as important as the role of the mother, and therefore paternity should be assessed in the same way as motherhood. I completely agree with this point of view. Of course, the mother plays a greater role than the father in the birth of the child to this world, but as soon as the child is born, both parents play an equal role in his upbringing.

    The father’s love for the child is as pure and priceless as the mother’s love. In addition, both parents have the same biological relationship with the child. Of course, the mother plays a slightly more important role in the first few months after the birth of the baby, but subsequently their roles and responsibilities more or less coincide. The male idea of ​​parenting has also changed dramatically over the years. Previously, many men only provided material support for the child and evaded other responsibilities of paternity. But the father of the new century belongs to a completely different kind. He believes that he shares all aspects of education with his wife. It goes without saying that the modern father plays with the child, hugs him, changes diapers and reassures him when he cries. He makes sure that the child eats and dresses properly, and helps with school and homework.

    A modern mother also expects this from her husband. It is almost impossible for a woman to take care of her baby all the time and still pursue a difficult career. Needless to say, these days, young mothers want their husbands to play the same role as they do in raising a child. Moreover, regardless of whether the father plays an active role in raising a child, his son or daughter will always feel more protected and protected under his wings. For example, if a child is harassed by a bully, the father is the first person he turns to for support. If the father were not important, the child would not have addressed him first. Moreover, in many families, the role of the father is not limited to providing emotional support. He is also a bread winner. He is the one who provides the child and his mother.

    In conclusion, the inherent blood relationship and emotional connection that the father shares with the child make paternity as important as motherhood. In addition, I believe that the idyllic joy of fatherhood is as unique and special for a father as it is for a mother.

  3. As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom. v.1

    Enormous progress has been made in technology in most aspects of people's lives, especially in the field of education. Currently, an increasing number of students rely on computers for research and the production of ideal paper for school purposes. Others decided to leave the original way of learning and gain knowledge through online schools. These changes in the learning process have raised particular concern about the possible decline in the importance of teachers in the classroom.

    Some people believe that the role of teachers has begun to fade, because computers help some students learn faster than they did in the original class. For example, in the same class, students have different intellectual abilities, so some of them will be associated with slow progress in school due to the inability of others to understand. In this way, students can progress in acquiring knowledge at their own pace, using computers instead of learning from teachers.

    However, the presence of a teacher is very important for students, because human contact has a positive effect on them. First, students understand that they are not dealing with a machine, but with a person who deserves attention and respect. They will also learn about the importance of group instruction and respect for other students, which helps them improve their social skills.

    In addition, teachers need a learning process because they recognize the shortcomings of some students and help them solve their problems by repeating the same explanation, giving additional exercises, or even offering a private tutor. Consequently, students may be more likely to avoid failure in the subject.

    In conclusion, it should be noted that the role of teachers in the learning process is still very important, and it will remain so in the future, since no machine can replace human interaction and its consequences.

  4. Some people believe that it is good to share as much information as possible in scientific research, business and academic world. Others believe that some information is too important or too valuable to be shared freely. v.1

    Some people find that sharing the details of research in the scientific, academic, and business fields is useful; however, some people are of the opinion that data sharing may reveal important information. While sharing important information can open the door to plagiarism, it can also provide a comprehensive understanding for readers, creating a huge impact on their learning.

    By providing confidential and sensitive information, such as links, statistical analysis can lead to several consequences in the study. The most common consequence is plagiarism. Due to the fact that the details are freely available, fellow researchers can take the opportunity to copy content from the study and present it as their own study. This is most common in PHD courses, where students copy links from classmates' research work. However, this essay does not correspond to this point of view, because not disclosing all the information can lead readers to confusion.

    The exchange of information provides a complete understanding for readers. In addition, it reinforces the thesis and provides a solid foundation for research. Providing important information, such as links and statistical analysis, can help the reader better understand the output of the result. For example, a global warming study is incomplete without a statistical analysis of past and current carbon emissions, backed up by compelling references. This essay is consistent with this view because the study is incomplete without all the details.

    In conclusion, people believe that important research information should not be freely available because of plagiarism; on the other hand, some believe that important information should be freely available to readers so that they can understand the whole context. In my opinion, important information should be disseminated for a better understanding of readers.

  5. Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school. Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion. v.1

    The debate about whether it is better to study at home or at a school for children has not yet been resolved. Whereas home education offers the best protection with individual instruction and opportunities for families, schools have an excellent range of material and human resources. Ultimately, I think school experience is better for children.

    There are several benefits for children who study at home. First, they can spend more time with their parents and siblings. Many social problems are related to the fact that families do not spend enough time together. Teaching children at home also provides them with an individual learning environment. The instruction is developed on an individual order and moves at the pace of the child and in accordance with his individual learning style. Finally, home schooling protects children from bullies and others who may have a bad impact.

    On the other hand, the school environment also offers benefits for children. Schools encourage children to peer and learn to deal with gossip, bullying, and peer pressure. In addition, children will receive better education in a number of disciplines, since there are teachers in schools who study in special subjects. Moreover, schools provide better access to physical resources such as sports equipment, musical instruments and library books.

    I believe that children are better off in the school environment. Although family time and individual instruction are important, the range of knowledge and resources that schools offer cannot be matched at home. The school environment can create complex social situations, but the real world must also learn to manage them independently.

  6. Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school. Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion. v.2

    The debate about whether it is better to study at home or at a school for children has not yet been resolved. Whereas home education offers the best protection with individualized instruction and opportunities for family relationships, institutions or early childhood education have an excellent range of material and human resources. Ultimately, I think that such an experience is better for children. There are several benefits for children who study at home. First, they can spend more time with their parents and siblings. Many social problems are related to the fact that families do not spend enough time together. Teaching children at home also provides them with an individual learning environment. The instruction is developed on an individual order and moves at the pace of the child and in accordance with his individual learning style. Finally, home schooling protects children from bullies and others who may have a bad impact. On the other hand, moving to another environment also offers benefits for children. Schools encourage children to peer and learn to deal with gossip, bullying, and peer pressure. In addition, children will learn better in a range of disciplines for teachers who study in special subjects. Moreover, you can get better access to physical resources such as sports equipment, musical instruments, and library books. I believe that children are better off in such an environment. Although family time and individual instruction are important, the range of knowledge and resources that the teaching staff offers cannot be matched at home. Sending children to another environment can lead to difficult social situations, but in the real world, too, children must learn to navigate them independently.

  7. More children in developed countries are becoming overweight. This is a serious problem for wealthy countries. Discuss some causes and effects of this problem. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. v.1

    In almost all developed countries of the world, indicators of overweight and obesity cause alarming growth. This trend is observed in all age groups, but it is especially disturbing when it comes to children. Before looking at the consequences of childhood obesity, it is necessary to study various interrelated causes.

    Children do not have a single cause of obesity, but there are a number of factors. There is growing evidence that certain genes predispose young people to obesity. However, the environment and lifestyle still play an important role. Children today have a much more sedentary lifestyle than in the past; Instead of playing sports and playing games outdoors, they often spend time sitting in front of a TV or computer screen. Although they consume little energy, they consume a large amount of calories in the form of junk food and soft drinks, and these excess calories are likely to manifest as weight gain.

    Whatever the causes of juvenile obesity, the consequences are extremely serious. People who have weight problems in childhood are likely to have a lifelong struggle with their weight, which in turn can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. In some extreme cases, they may not even reach adulthood. There have been cases when children aged eight years suffered from heart attacks associated with obesity.

    Summing up, it is clear that obesity in children is one of the main health problems facing developed countries today. Unless governments make significant investments in researching and addressing both the genetic and environmental causes of this problem, this problem is likely to grow.

  8. Some people think that it is best to save money, for example in a bank or savings scheme. Other people feel that money should be spent whenever it is available. Discuss these views and reach an opinion on this debate. Give reasons for your answer, and support your essay with ideas and examples from your own experience. v.1

    The issue of saving or spending money is very relevant today, as many people are experiencing financial difficulties. There are compelling arguments on both sides, which I will now discuss.

    On the one hand, it is often said that spending money is one way to relax and enjoy life, for example, shopping or relaxing, and this, of course, has some truth. In addition, we usually have no choice but to spend a fairly large portion of our salary on everyday expenses, such as food, housing and transportation, and therefore, surprisingly, there is little to save in any case. Finally, spending money on goods and services strengthens the economy and creates jobs, and in this sense it is worth it.

    Other people, on the other hand, point out the dangers of reckless spending, for example, frivolous or unnecessary things that are often encouraged by advertising. In particular, young people are subject to such an influence. In addition, proponents of savings often point out that without a reserve of funds for emergencies, unemployment or illness, people are at risk of difficulty or even bankruptcy. This is especially true in the current economic situation. Finally, on this side of the discussion, people emphasize the need to accumulate wealth throughout life so that children can inherit money or property, which will increase their safety and standard of living.

    In general, I tend to agree that it’s wiser to save money when possible, for reasons that benefit both people today and future generations.

  9. Question: some people believe that no one should be allowed to continue working after the age of 65. However, others say there shouldn’t be a limitation on the age and anyone should be allowed to work regardless of their age. Discuss both views and give an opinion. v.1

    Although some believe that everyone at the age of 65 is not allowed to work, others believe that there should not be any age restrictions for working people. In my opinion, although it is good that working age should be abolished, since work helps them maintain their physical and psychological shape, I think that retiring at 65 will give them time to relax and fulfill other dreams.

    On the one hand, continued work without an age barrier often guarantees the health of the body and mind. In other words, when a person is used to working in a particular company, say, an engineer or a marketer, these works naturally require moving up and down, from one place to another, these movements support these people in shape, as well as emotionally healthy. But if they are forced to stop working, this can often be a threat to their health, because they are not used to sitting back; therefore, they will have to continue to work. In addition, the financial needs of these people may be another opportunity to understand why they have to continue to work, despite their age.

    On the other hand, some people, including myself, support the idea that retirement at the age of 65 is vital because it will give these people time to relax and pursue other ambitions. When a person begins to work sometimes at an early age, he / she would lose so many other aspirations to focus on a particular job. However, such people deserve some free time from work to do funny things. For example, traveling the world, as well as pursuing other life goals, such as creating a new business or creating a charity. In addition, these people, leaving their jobs at the age of 65, provide an opportunity to employ new people in the public service.

    In conclusion, although allowing people to work without age limits seems to be good for their health, I feel that retirement at 65 is crucial because of the leisure time that sometimes creates a new business and an opportunity to get a job. new employees.

  10. Animals are becoming exist due to human activities on land and in sea. Why has this happen? What’s the solution? v.1

    It is true that the rapid development of various industries has destroyed the habitat of wild animals, and various species of animals are on the verge of extinction. These are deeply negative consequences due to human activity, which has a profound effect on the life of animals.

    There are several reasons that lead to the extinction of species on land and at sea. Firstly, what was done on land was the area of ​​forests narrowed by the development of construction. This means that the natural habitat has been damaged, there is no place for animals to live, which has led to the reduction of many species. It has also degraded ecosystems and threatens the extinction of some species. Secondly, industrialization has a major impact, causing water pollution and species extinction. Heavy industries, such as steel mills, dumped and dumped tons of waste into the sea without emission permits, polluted the ocean, and posed a threat to the balance of the marine ecosystem. For example, tons of marine animals were killed and died due to untreated wastewater at the Fomosa Steel Mill in Quang Tri Province in Vietnam.

    To prevent the extinction of animals, there are several measures that can be taken to solve these problems. One of such factors may be the protection and restoration of the natural environment, on which the existence of many endangered species depends. In particular, specialists in the field of construction should develop their projects vertically and not horizontally and not invade forest areas. In addition, national and local governments should conduct more campaigns to raise public awareness of the role of wildlife in human life. In addition, national governments must enact strict laws to punish and prevent illegal activities that destroy and threaten the natural environment, such as animal traffickers.

    In conclusion, the extinction of species leads to many problems that may require the adoption of possible solutions.

  11. Some people say young people should be encouraged to leave their family when they become adults while some argue they should live for a longer time with their family. Discuss both views and give your opinion. v.1

    Although it is believed that young people should remain independent of their family, other people believe that they need to live longer with their relatives, even when they have matured. In my opinion, adults do not need to stay with their families so that they can learn important life skills.

    Obviously, many people think that young people should not stay in families while they become mature adults so that they can be more responsible and make better decisions, and I agree. In other words, when a mature person is forced to live separately from his family, he tries to secure a paid survival job, which he uses to cover his bills such as food, shelter, clothes, and also pay taxes to the government. In addition, they tend to resolve issues that better influence critical aspects of their lives, which would otherwise be done by family members. Therefore, this will not only properly integrate them into society, but will also become better citizens.

    Nevertheless, it is sometimes believed that boys and girls who have reached the stage of maturity need to continue to stay with their relatives in order to guide them in decision-making processes and provide basic living amenities. To begin with, adults today face many challenges in society. In addition, these problems range from the ability to make specific decisions to providing well-paid jobs that can provide food, shelter, and many other basic needs. To illustrate this, a survey conducted by an adult magazine says that 60% of young people find it difficult to quickly find decent work and make the right decisions. In addition, the right leadership and provision of their basic needs, when they stay with their families, could improve the life of this group of people.

    In conclusion, despite the fact that many mature people remain with relatives, I believe that they should remain alone so that they can face problems in society, in turn making them better people.

  12. some people think that internet has brought people closer together, while others think that people and communities have become more isolated. discuss both views and give your opinion. v.1

    There is no doubt that the Internet has proven to be an innovative technology. While some people believe that the Internet has been useful in bringing people closer together, others claim that it is responsible for isolating people and communities. This essay discusses both sides of this argument, and then I will present my point of view.

    Many people claim that the Internet has played a big role in bringing people together. One way is online interaction. For example, various online applications for audio and video calls are currently available, with which people can connect with their loved ones living in far corners of the world. In addition, distance learning is also an example of the convergence of teachers and students living on two different continents of the world. Thus, it makes it clear that the Internet has brought revolutionary changes to this globe, connecting people with each other using several functions of online calls and chats, and made this world a global village.

    On the contrary, many people believe that isolation has occurred between people and communities because of the Internet. This is because this technology has prompted people to live in an imaginary and fake world. For example, people currently have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but there is not a single real friend with whom they could talk face to face. In addition, due to the presence of virtual groups on the network these days, no common connections are visible. As a result, people suffer from more anxiety and depression now, unlike the past.

    In conclusion, I believe that both sides have their merits. In general, I believe that the Internet has actually created isolation between people and communities, which should be reduced in order to ensure strong communication between communities and reduce psychological problems among people.

  13. Some people think that men are naturally more competitive than women. To what extent do you agree or disagree? v.1

    Although we currently live in the twenty-first century, some people still think that men naturally try to be better than women. This idea, of course, is not true, therefore, both sexes have good chances to get a job and be promoted in different industries.

    No one can deny that men are physically superior to women. That is why some types of work that are physically difficult are provided exclusively to men. However, this does not mean that men are trying to make these works exclusive to them due to the fact that they are inherently competitive. In addition, women naturally have a different brain structure than men, which allows them to think excessively about certain ideas compared to men. This not only allows women to analyze a specific topic, but also makes them much better when they compete with men.

    Moreover, women can pay attention to details much more than men. In other words, women can easily notice a certain weakness of their male colleague at work on which they can rely in order to get a chance for promotion, rather than their colleagues. For example, many organizations around the world now have more women in managerial positions, due to the recent trend towards women empowerment.

    In conclusion, although many people believe that men are more competitive than women, many facts suggest otherwise. Thus, it now seems reasonable to assume that both sexes play a certain role in our world in accordance with their various physical and mental abilities, which were created by nature itself, so that they can work together and complement each other in their daily tasks.

  14. Some people think that all children should learn geography in school. However… October 30, 2018 By bw However…some others think that it is more important to learn subjects that are more relevant to life. What is your opinion? v.1

    It is true that studying geography at school is important. I partially agree with this opinion and also support the fact that the study of other important subjects, such as natural sciences, mathematics, technology and English, are also more important than the study of only geography, especially STEM subjects.

    To begin with, by studying geography, you can get knowledge about the Earth, oceans and mountains and their range in different countries of the world. But on the other hand, in this era of information technology, all of the above information and maps and current weather reports are instantly available on personal computers, smartphones through the Google search engine. Even an uneducated person is also able to understand this comprehensively. Therefore, an in-depth study of geography is not necessary at the level of higher education or primary education. However, basic knowledge of geography is necessary for each student.

    On the contrary, acquaintance or knowledge of other vital or natural science subjects, such as STEM-Science, Technology, English and Mathematics, are highly desirable in this century of throat competition in order to get a job in the market in order to survive. For example, in a survey conducted by the British Council on Primary and Higher Education, several years ago 90% of students chose STEM subjects after graduation compared to social sciences and art. Science provides valuable knowledge not only for everyday needs, but also sometimes saves the lives of fellow travelers in the form of first aid, for example, in road traffic accidents or accidents. In addition, being an expert in English, you can manage all over the world without even having in-depth knowledge of other subjects, as people will be impressed by the language skills and will respond to help us.

    In conclusion, choosing only geography and giving it all the time is not very productive compared to STEM subjects in terms of future work and life skills training.

  15. Many museums charge for admission while others are free. Do you think the advantages of charging people for admission to museums outweigh the disadvantages v.1

    Some museums have entry fees, while some do not. In my opinion, the disadvantages of the entry fee are overshadowed by its advantages in the sense that the income will be returned to the operation and development of museums.

    The main disadvantage of entry fees is the possibility of reducing the number of visitors. The museums host exhibitions and exhibits of great educational and historical value. If the main goal of the museum is to get to know the local community, admission should be free for the public and visitors. Take, for example, several folk museums in Hong Kong that store historical relics and showcase folk customs. Entrance to these folk museums, which are often monuments, is free. If they took an entrance fee, many could do other things.

    Of course, admission can adversely affect admission rates, but income is favorable for museums in terms of work. Museums sometimes hold educational exhibitions, and this could not be done without the amount of money spent on hiring specialists and buying equipment. For example, the Hong Kong Museum of Cosmonautics holds monthly exhibitions on various issues, and professional associate professors attract visitors on a tour of the museum. This example suggests that a reasonable admission fee is beneficial for the museum.

    In conclusion, it should be noted that the disadvantages of the entry fee are overshadowed by the benefits derived from a stable source of income. Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons, I am convinced that museums should charge an entrance fee for the sake of operation and development.

  16. Many people believe cities should not try to preserve its old, historic buildings and instead, they should destroy them and replace them with modern buildings. To what extent do you agree? v.1

    Currently, there is a controversial argument in favor of the fact that the city authorities should demolish the old city structures, and not save them, in order to make room for new ones. I strongly disagree with this concept, because they are a window to the past and an asset of national tourism.

    The main reason I strongly oppose the destruction of old buildings is because they are a window to the past. Each building is a form of living history and can tell us about the past of the city. By studying old buildings, researchers can get an idea of ​​the evolution of construction methods, as well as the development of the prevailing culture. Despite this, historical buildings testify to those who walked up to us and took the time to build something meaningful, and architecture is a form of art that will disappear forever after destruction.

    Another reason I do not support the demolition of old buildings is that they represent a valuable asset to the tourism industry. Many modern cities have a rich and rich past. Old buildings are real evidence of this past. Many tourists are struggling to visit the city to watch and touch this story. Without historic buildings, many cities would lose their identity. For example, I can go to a nightclub or shopping center in any city in the world, but only in New York can I see the Empire State Building.

    In conclusion, I am completely against the destruction of old buildings, as this would deprive us of an understanding of our history and would also lead to the loss of valuable tourism income. Instead of trying to destroy what others have built, I think that governments should take immediate steps to protect our heritage.

  17. Employers sometimes ask people applying for jobs for personal information, such as their hobbies and interests, and whether they are married or single. Some people say that this information may be relevant and useful, others disagree. Discuss both the views and give your own opinion. v.1

    It is often argued that requiring the job seeker to provide additional personal information, such as a hobby or marital status, is beneficial to the employer; however, many people do not agree with this opinion and argue that this information is useless and has no value. In this essay, both points of view will be stated and my opinion set out.

    On the one hand, there is reason to believe that employers need not only professional information in order to better evaluate their potential candidates. With a growing emphasis on the culture of teamwork and the need for each employee in team dynamics, the collection of extra-curricular and personal information will help the employer to choose suitable candidates and compare them with suitable opportunities. For example, several candidates may be considered eligible for a marketing position based on their qualifications and work experience. Those who are especially interested in traveling and meeting with people are certainly more suitable for this position, and the employer should ask about their hobbies in order to understand this.

    However, many of those who disagree with this argument doubt the authenticity of such information presented in job applications. They believe that job seekers tend to create some hobbies and interests in order to impress employers. According to a survey conducted by a student group from the London School of Economics, only 40% of the survey respondents gave genuine answers when asked about their extracurricular interests.

    In conclusion, although some still doubt the veracity / veracity of the information provided by job candidates, it is believed that collecting this information greatly helps the employer to make better decisions. In my opinion, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, and therefore, the more information about the candidate the employer collects, the better the decision-making process will be.

  18. Employers sometimes ask people applying for jobs for personal information, such as their hobbies and interests, and whether they are married or single. Some people say this information may be relevant and useful. Others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion. v.2

    Recruiters, as a rule, check the personal data of each candidate, while other business owners can be satisfied only with work experience and skills. Do they ask for additional personal information in order to coordinate their vacancies with each person personally, or do others not care about personal interests, hobbies and marital status and believe in equal opportunities for all candidates. This essay maintains confidentiality and the right not to disclose personal data to employees. On the one hand, some recruiters may request specific information about each candidate, such as marital status and hobbies. These employers are usually asked to include a separate section in the resume in order to set out personal facts in order to distinguish them by age, interests and whether they were married or not. Which helps them choose a more suitable candidate for their position. For example, most recruiters in my country advise people to include personal information in their resumes. However, this essay confirms that every business owner or employer should not ask candidates for personal data when applying for new vacancies. On the other hand, recruiters should choose candidates regardless of their personal data and interests in order to offer equal opportunities for all peoples. This indicates that each person should not mention their interests and personal data in their resumes, as this can lead to a violation of confidentiality, even if the interviewer asked them for details, the candidate should refuse to answer. For example, most European recruiters give the candidate the freedom to fill out his / her personal data when applying for a new job. Which is more convenient and offers equal treatment for all people. In conclusion, a summary of the forms and requirements usually differs from place to another. Nevertheless, I maintain personal confidentiality and equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their interests, hobbies or any other personal data. But in any case, we cannot force the employer not to ask them to better combine their vacancies with job seekers.

  19. Environmental problems are serious in many countries. It means that the only possible way to protect the environment is at an international level. To what extent, do you agree or disagree? v.1

    It seems that the concern that our environmental problems are getting worse and worse in any part of the world is becoming more and more common, and we must take action to resolve them before it is too late. Some people believe that environmental protection is possible only at the macro level, but I do not agree with this point of view.

    We cannot deny that the role of governments and organizations in protecting our planet is extremely important, and there are things that citizens cannot do, but governments can. An example of this is that the budget for climate change programs is so huge that people cannot afford it. In addition, when it comes to managing enterprises to limit emissions from plants, it is the governments of different continents that discuss and draw up agreements, such as the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement of 2015.

    However, this does not mean that a person cannot do anything. It is clear that people are so knowledgeable about the impact that they have on the environment. One action, such as turning off the light when it is used unnecessarily, may be insignificant, but if we look at the wider picture when everyone in the world does the same, we will greatly benefit from it. In addition, public consumer behavior can lead companies to produce more environmentally friendly products. For example, if people refuse to buy goods contained in plastic bags, shops and supermarkets will switch to other types of bags that are more environmentally friendly.

    In short, in order to preserve the green color of our world, it is a duty not only of international institutions and nations, but also of every person anywhere. All you have to do is do your part well and distribute it among others. Acting as soon as possible, can we secure the future for our next generations.

  20. In the past, when students did a university degree, they tended to study in their own country. Nowadays, they have more opportunity to study abroad. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development? You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence. v.1

    Most cultures value the concept of the pursuit of knowledge. In the 21st century, we now have many more options for how and where to find this knowledge. Suppose you are a citizen of France. You can apply for an economics degree in the USA. An American citizen can take a course in linguistics in France. Most universities around the world have many international students.

    Of course, there are many benefits of studying in another country. Many students always do this nowadays. This is because they know that some university, such as the Havard Business School, is popular. Graduation increases their chances of getting a job in the company at home. Students studying abroad also have the opportunity to make friends with people of different nationalities. Over time, they can turn into useful professional networks. In addition, living away from family and friends can allow young people to become more independent.

    Unfortunately, the experience of studying abroad is not always good. Studies show that several young people cannot adapt to their new environment. They also suffer from cultural shock. The situation could get worse. For example, a student may not be mature enough to handle this. Different ways of teaching and learning can shock students.

    In conclusion, the key to a good experience at a foreign university is impartiality. Students should always take this opportunity.